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Steven Bost provides counsel in a number of legal fields, to include Estate Planning, Real Estate Transactions, Business Formation, Municipal Law and Employment Law.



Estate Planning

We provide personal estate planning and probate services to clients of all economic backgrounds. We are committed to providing the personalized services that are essential to meeting a client’s needs. Whether you are young or old, single or married, with or without children, you need to consider your options with respect to an estate plan. While there is much to be gained, there is often more to be lost in the absences of a individualized estate plan.

Real Estate Transactions

Selling or purchasing property can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience.  Steven works closely with financial institutions, realtors, and title companies to ensure that whether you are selling or buying a commercial or residential property, your interests are clearly represented and protected.

Business Formation and Employment Law

Starting your own business is often the realization of a life long dream.  However, this dream can quickly become a nightmare without the appropriate business organization. Corporation?  Partnership?  LLC?  Steven Bost understands that every prospective business has different needs and concerns.  We can tailor a particular business organization and structure to assist in protecting your business and your personal assets. We also have experience helping businesses with employee relationships. Areas of expertise include contracts, collective bargaining, wages, and health and safety issues.

City Hall

Municipal and Administrative Law

We are proud of our longstanding, extensive, and distinguished history of advising and representing municipalities, municipal authorities, public agencies and other public trust. Some of our municipal practice specialties include: ordinance drafting and enforcement; land use, zoning and land division; election law issues; annexation; property taxes; development and extension of municipal sewer and water systems; municipal finance and special assessments; First Amendment questions and privacy issues; municipal litigation; environmental regulation and compliance; and freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act issues.